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I have a Culinary Arts Degree and also a Wine Expert Certificate 
from Saint Paul College, MN. (This means I can not only COOK for you, 
but also recommend wine to go along with your meals 
or for your party! [Fun fact - that wine doesn't need to be expensive, either! My personal favorite sells for 3-for-$10!]
~ My American Culinary Federation certification, as a Certified Culinarian, is up-to-date :)
~ So is my State of Minnesota Food Manager Certificate (food safety certificate).
I also work, intentionally, as a temporary cook in different kitchens, in upscale business-dining venues, across the Twin Cities area. That not only allows me freedom to do my personal chef work and take care of other projects in life that are important to me; but also keeps me up-to-date - I'm always learning something new, and getting to hone my skills. Thus, my work days are never dull! I explain to people that I'm a little like Mary Poppins (holding a favorite spoon instead of an umbrella)!  
I've previously cooked and baked in a Twin Cities cultural-governmental venue, briefly (by choice) in a bed-and-breakfast, at the airport for hungry customers under stress to catch their planes, and more.

I have always enjoyed creative cookery!!! (It's an ART form!)  
My Mom is a great cook and has always encouraged me that way! 
I've also loved cooking and baking for my family 
and friends. My three grown children (and also 2 little grandsons) now all also love to cook!

I have a big-time interest in making and serving 
nutritious yet delicious whole, healthy, preventative, healing, 
and feel-good foods - and in encouraging others to the same!

I love to travel, & have gleaned wonderful inspirations for dishes 
from these experiences (and also from friends from other lands)! 
For instance, I finally learned what an optimal 
vegetarian breakfast was in Ireland and Wales; and what can be done 
with a cup of corn in Monterrey Mexico! More recently, I discovered the joy of Amarillo sauce from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca - and also street food spinach-mushroom tamales; and honey/fruit juice-roasted bananas topped with sweetened-condensed milk from that tropical paradise! And last summer, a friend of mine served me refreshingly cold watermelon cubes and juice sprinkled with chile powder - there's always something new and delicious!!!

I very much enjoy shopping the food coops, farmer's markets, 
and ethnic food stores too.  Stuffed grape leaves, fragrant Indian spices, oriental mushrooms, lovely broth-making miso, fresh
herbs, impressive cheeses, and more are all favorites of mine to
acquire and create from; and I would like to share such global happinesses with you through a menu you can co-create as adventurously you wish. 

I've been an avid cookbook and food magazine enthusiast 
for many years 
- and now, there's even more abundant media to learn from that way,
right? With all the cooking shows, videos, and web-info available, its a great time to be a foodie!

I like to do fruit and vegetable garnishing too. 
This means I can easily create a fine watermelon dish or other fun
center piece  for your party that can evoke some smiles & ahhs.

It's Culinary ARTS, people! Art for all five senses!!! 
Enjoy the possibilities!!!
                                            - Chef Theresa Kopecky